Cladding with Clips system

Innovative cladding solution for indoor or outdoor installation. Under-construction rails with a special profile make fixing the boards quick and easy.

A unique plastic clip system goes together with special under-construction rails. This system allows fixing the boards quickly and at a low cost.

After fixing the beams you can easily fix the boards with clips to rails without screws and any tools.

You can position the boards horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

It is even possible to install the boards onto the ceiling.

Regular metal clips need to be screwed onto beams, but our special plastic clips can be fixed onto special beams without screws.

Uninstalling and re-installing the boards, if needed, is easy. You don’t need to replace any of the components and the job can be done alone.

Our thermally modified cladding with a clip system is:

  • pre-oiled, offering UV protection and extra long-lasting
  • fire retardant treated (both for indoor and outdoor usage), +UV protection
  • painted in different colours
  • without finishing


Thermo Ayous Vclip

Dimensions (mm): 20 x 92/ 140/ 190

Profile: VCLIP

Species: Ayous

Length (m): 2.1 – 4.5 m

Thermo Pine Vclip

Dimensions (mm): 20 x 117/ 140

Profile: VCLIP

Species: Scandinavian Pine

Length (m): 1.8 – 5.1 m