The principles of sustainability are integrated into all Thermoarena business processes, from the procurement of raw materials to the responsible production of end products made of thermal wood. By promoting employment and applying technological innovation, we create the best opportunities for serving our customers and expanding the positive impact of sustainability.

Sustainability & environment
Manufacturing control & product liability
Company credibility
Responsible supply chain

Declaration of Performance / CE marking

Thermoarena products have been assessed according to
a harmonized technical specification and performance is declared as follows:

Thermopine-DoP nr.001

Thermospruce-DoP nr.002

Thermoayous-DoP nr.003

Durability of thermally modified wood

The natural durability of a wood species is defined as its inherent resistance to wood-destroying fungi. Durability of Thermoarena products is tested by CATAS.COM

CATAS TEST: thermopine

CATAS TEST: thermospruce

CATAS TEST: thermoayous