Classic decking boards

Classic decking boards from thermally modified wood

In addition to decking with fastening system we offer a variety of different dimensions and profiles for regular deckings.

We produce decking by customer drawings too.

Thermoarena is using FSC® and PEFC certified and specially for thermal modification selected lumber.

Decking produced by Thermoarena has high dimensional stability and resistance to decay.

After thermal modification process wood has lowered equilibrium moisture content and decking does not react to changes in humidity as drastically as untreated wood. Our decking is dimensionally stable and retains its shape far better than untreated wood.

Thermoarena thermo Pine has a decay resistance class of 2 (durable) and thermo Ash decking has durability class1 (very durable) (EN 350-2).

Wood products with decay resistance classes of 1 and 2 are suitable for outdoor use without any additional treatment.

Thermo Pine decking


26 x 90 mm / 26 x 116 mm / 26 x 140 mm

Thermo Ash decking


20 x 90 / 20 x 140 / 20 x 155 mm
26 x 90 / 26 x 140 / 26 x 155 mm